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The Home of Custom / Tailored

Who we are:

Sartoria Haúse ( a division of Haúse, Inc. ) is an innovative brand that specializes in sleek, contemporary Custom / Tailored experience for the modern gentleman.

We are sought-after for our state-of-the-art MtM and BeSpoke services and dynamic offerings with premium Superfine fabrics sourced from top Italian and English mills and cut in our signature fit to ensure a modern expression.

We are very passionate about changing the way you wear your garments and so we create fine quality pieces for your everyday life, whether it’s a Suit, Sports Jacket/Blazer, Overcoat, Shirt, Pant or shoe that we custom-create for you alone.

What we do:

Offering everything from classic formalwear to laid-back, casual-chic apparel, we design, develop and carefully construct Custom/Tailored Suits, Blazers, Spors Coats, Tuxedos, Trousers, Vests, Overcoats, Jackets and Outerwear for the discerning gentleman.

Contemporary, sharply tailored and with an eye for detail, we provide you with a nearly endless range of possibilities in order to personalize, customize and create a unique wardrobe of Custom-Made pieces to your liking.

Our Silhouette:

Our distinctive garments are based on the Euro-trim silhouette and feature a floating chest piece, unstructured, half and full-canvass constructions which adds elegance and structure to the jacket.  

The combination of tapered shape, soft-shoulder padding, and highly-positioned armhole, is an excellent choice for the man-about-town wishing elegance and figure-flattering style.

Our Service:

Whether you are looking for an upgraded look to your wardrobe, preparing for your wedding day or just a date night about town, we offer 4 distinctive levels of services of Custom/Tailored creation that you can take advantage of to fit your budget.

We guarantee an exciting experience and once you book a fitting with us, looking good and dapper will no longer be a problem. 

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