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True Measure

Custom meets Ready to Wear

For the man who wants a suit with custom elements but does not have 4 weeks to wait for one. 

Oxblood Suit Lapel 4.jpg

What is True Measure? 

True Measure is Sartoria Haúse's trademarked label for our unique RTW line. 

It is composed of a limited selection of garments with Custom elements such as Canvassing, Surgeon cuffs and Satin fancy lining. It is for the man who wants a custom garment but does not have 4 weeks to wait for one.

It encompasses three distinct labels, SpezZato, KappriKorn and Undici based on construction/

Our Collection

Blue windowpane sleeve 1_edited.jpg
Blue Stripe sleeve.jpg
Oxblood Suit Sleeve.jpg
Oxblood Suit Lapel 2.jpg
Oxblood pants.jpg
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